Grid Color Key

Gain Values

Color represents values less than threshold number indicated, and above the preceding threshold.

0.3 % 0.8 % 1.5 % 3 % 5 % 8 % 11 % 16 % 20 % 30 % over30 %

Loss Values

Color represents values greater than threshold indicated, and below the preceding threshold.

-0.3 % -0.8 % -1.5 % -3 % -5 % -8 % -11 % -16 % -20 % -30 % below-30 %

Transport Controls

Transport Controls allow you to navigate the history of each data set. There are 3 "rewind" and 3 "fast-forward" control buttons, which move the data grid forward or back in time, by increments of 3 months, 1 year, and 5 years.

View Mode

Absolute (ABS)

ABS is Absolute value mode. In this mode, the data grid shows the direct (absolute) values as reported by This mode is ideal for cross-checking the validity of the reported data against the originating source.

Relative (REL)

REL is the month-to-month comparison mode. Value differences from one month to the next are computed as changes by percentage, and color coded accordingly.

Moving Average (SMA)

SMA is a "simple moving average" mode. Each cel represents one month's value, expressed as a percentage difference relative to the average value of the preceding 15 months. SMA mode is most useful for showing relative medium-term trends. Results are colorized using the Red/Green system.

Data Series Selector

The Data Series Selector allows you to change which data set you are viewing, choosing from a menu of possible sets.