Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who did this? is something Will Riley wrote after spending too much time sifting through spreadsheets loaded with Federal Reserve data. There had to be a better way...

Q: What about the Details?

The objective of the data grid is to provide a 10,000ft overview of the U.S. Economy. Limited scope in this case is being presented as a feature. Certain details are not attended to, such as defining the unit values in Absolute mode, dereferencing NAICS numbers (industry classification codes), providing weekly or daily periods. Scope-limiting also biases us against replicating functions provided elsewhere, such as raw data downloading (this is best handled by, the authoritative source for data).

Q: How reliable is the data? is currently under development. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, gaurantees are not possible. Use any and all information here at your own risk. This is not an investment advisory service. All data here can be cross checked with the source at